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GFCI Breaker Installation Guide

How to install a gfci breaker

  1. Turn off power to avoid electrocution.
  2. Make sure you are using the proper GFCI breaker for the electrical panel you are using.
  3. If necessary, you may need to "skinny up" some circuits in your panel to make room for a full size 1 pole or a full size 2 pole GFCI breaker. This is done by using twin and when necessary quad breakers to free enough space on the breaker bus.
  4. Install the breaker onto the open bus by hooking the clips on the rear of the circuit breaker to the tabs on the bus and pressing the breaker firmly onto the bus making sure it seats all the way down onto the current carrying section of the bus.
  5. Install the white neutral conductor from the GFCI circuit breaker on the neutral bus of the panelboard.
  6. Strip the colored load carrying conductors of the insulation and install them onto the breaker terminals torqueing them to the specifications labeled on your panelboard.
  7. Install the neutral conductors of anything powered by this circuit on the neutral terminal of the GFCI breaker. Failure to do this will cause the circuit breaker to trip.
  8. Power on the circuit breaker and press the "TEST" button to verify it trips the breaker to the center position.
  9. Reset the power to the circuit breaker by pressing it hard into the OFF position then back to ON.

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