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Refurbished GFCI Breaker Warning

First let’s start with the function of a GFCI Breaker. GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. Which means the breaker is designed to trip or Disconnect the Circuit if there is a Fault to Ground.

The concern is that a Person is going to accidentally become the pathway of the current to Ground. Since people don’t survive too long as an electrical conductor the National Electric Code requires a Class A GFCI to open the circuit or trip if the current to ground hits 6 mA. or 0.006 of 1 amp.

To try to save a few bucks on a circuit breaker that offers this high degree of personal safety is like buying a parachute at a swap meet. DON’T DO IT!

I have seen several breaker brokers that deal in used circuit breakers “Refurbish” them by wiping the dirt off, replacing any necessary screws and polishing them up with some silicone spray that makes them look pretty and new.

The circuitry on the inside of Factory New breakers is finely tuned to trip and save a life. I seriously doubt that their breakers have had the rivets drilled out, replaced the inside components and retested them then reassembled them to manufacturer specs. If they did they would probably cost as much or more then a new GFCI breaker. The major manufacturers do not refurbish them, they scrap them.

If you are a homeowner do you really want a re-manufactured breaker protecting your family? Your Children? Your Grand Children?

If you are a builder or electrician, your reputation and livelihood is at risk if you use these “Refurbished” GFCI Breakers. Is it really worth it?